Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse
With the amazing team at Buck I art directed the opening montage for Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse with Sony Pictures Animation.
Love Death & Robots: Night of the Minidead
Art Direction and story development for this exciting animated short film created by Buck for the award-winning LDR Netflix animated series.
Supercell: Brawl Stars Lore
We created a 42-day 24/7 security surveillance "live" feed of the demise of Starr Park. I lead much of the production process from design and story through animation and compositing.
Missing Link
Production artwork, prop design, matte painting and marketing art for Missing Link, 2020 Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner for Best Animated Feature Film.
Client: Laika
Share Your Gifts
Story development for the heartfelt Apple spot produced by Buck Design
Client: Buck
Art direction matte painting and concept art with Buck Design for epic Bored Ape Yacht Club teaser promo for Yuga Labs
Amazon Lips
Concept illustration with Buck Design for this soaring Lady Gaga Amazon Music promo
Snap Holidays
Art Direction with Buck Design for Snap Holiday greetings and stickers
Adobe Creativity For All
A personal project dealing with themes of digital monitoring. This piece was later licensed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners for use in a campaign for Adobe to promote the new 2020 Creative Cloud.
Adventures With Zeee Bucks
Art direction with the Buck Design team for this elaborate AR experience, UI design, packaging and application creation
Hyper X - We’re All Gamers
Concept Design with Brand New School for Hyper X spot
Client: Brand New School
Apple Music Anthem
Design and asset creation for production
Client: Buck
Faceless Killers
Holiday Characters
Character design for pitch that emphasize personality using shape.
Stream of consciousness illustration.
Comedy Series
Concept and character design for a series of animated shorts. Each episode exploring a different style.
Toyota Hero
Comic-style illustration design and asset creation for a couple Toyota spots.
Client: MPC
Director: Patrick Ferguson
Crossing Paths
Personal project. Two men cross paths on a cold evening.
New Oscar Voters
For an article investigating how new Oscar voters are changing the way the Academy thinks.
Client: Vulture Magazine
Art Director: Maya Robinson
Early design frames for Camp titles
Client: Buck
Playstation - Big Bang
I created some early style frames for this throwback Playstation 1 ad.
Client: Buck
Argument Engines
For an article about computers learning to argue effectively like humans in order to aid in decision making and problem solving.
Client: New Scientist Magazine
Art Director: Ryan Wills
Beats Comic
Client: Gentleman Scholar
AR Instagram filter environment to commemorate the 2020 MTV VMAs. This illustration was drawn in 3D and then unwrappped to view here
For an article about the mysterious, unregulated and harmful chemicals in fragrance products.
Client: New Scientist
Art Director: Ryan Wills
Warrior Princess
Warrior Princess character exploration
Illustration, Character Design, Digital Art
LA Lakers Promo
Style frames for LA Lakers promo
Client: State Design
Nike World Cup
Concept design for a Nike spot
Client: Nexus
Neon Double
Digitally painted album art concept
Back Off!
For an article about the dangers of tailgaters
Client: Cycle World Magazine
Art Director: Laura Milton
The dangers of in-game data collection
for an article about the dangers of in-game data collection, and how developers can predict gamers' tendencies, strategies and desires.
Client: Polygon.com
Art Director: James Bareham
Sky Runner
Visual reinterpretation of SOLS, a 3D printed insole company. Client: Lux Capital
Advertising, Illustration
Designing A Sex Doll for Women
The struggle to make a sex doll straight women actually want, and what it teaches us about sexuality.
Client: Medium
Art Director: Ryan Hubbard
Saving Science
Series of illustrations for an article examining the problems with the way in which science is conducted.
Client: The New Atlantis
Editor: Adam Keiper
A series of illustrations for the branding and marketing of a cyber security company, Vectra. Together we designed a new character, Cognito, to represent their brand. Based in shadow he hunts cyber attackers!
Client: Vectra
History Channel
Design, illustration and asset creation for animation
Client: Roger
Nike Hypervenom
Print advertisement for Nike Hypervenom campaign
Client: Buck
History - Avengers
Design and asset creation for a vintage comic-style spot for History Channel
Client: Roger
Time Travelers
For an article about the changing ecology and terrain of the Earth throughout it's lifespan. Client: New Scientist Magazine Art Director: Ryan Wills
Dark Web
For an article about the Dark Web, a covert crime-filled internet. Client: Euroman Magazine Art Director: Sune Ehlers
True Car
Design and character development for pitch
Client: Psyop
Movement Mural
Mural design for local building
For an article about Nootropics, new brain-enhancing supplements that can increase cognitive performance and mental capabilities.
Client: New York Observer
Art Director: Lauren Draper
A Strange Encounter
Illustration, Digital Art, Landscape Design
VR Harassment
For an article about sexual harassment and bullying within Virtual Reality.
Client: Reveal News
Art Director: Sam Ward
For an article about geoengineering, theories to scientifically alter the global climate. Client: Scientific American Art Director: Jason Arias
Bellefaire Character Design
Character design for pitch
Client: Hue & Cry
Concept frames for Vizio pitch
Client: StudioTEN
Cool Dude Party
Personal character and movement explorations
Character Design, Illustration
When Does a Cyber Attack Mean War?
For an article about when a cyber attack becomes an act of war.
Client: Reveal News
Dodge History
Style frames for Dodge pitch
Client: Psyop
Jack In The Box - Menutaur
Character design and asset creation for Jack in The Box campaign
Client: Roger
Summer Movie Preview
All the Summer's biggest blockbusters relaxing by the pool. Client: Wall Street Journal Art Director: Manny Velez
Finding Marlowe
For an article about Samuel B. Marlowe, the first licensed private detective West of the Mississippi. He was thought to have influenced some of the authors that originated the noir fiction genre. Client: The Los Angeles Times Art Director: Lily Mihalik
Animation, Editorial Design, Illustration
Client: Logan
Cover art, lettering and chapter openers for a novel about a hidden civilization.
Client: Penguin Random House
Art Director: Danielle Calotta & Deborah Kaplan
A continuation of a personal movement exploration published as the wraparound cover and interior cover art for The Normal School.
Client: The Normal School
Master Class
Cover illustration for an article by well-known author, Joyce Maynard, about her experience taking James Patterson's online master class in writing. Client: New York Observer Art Director: Lauren Draper
Character design and style frames for CitiGold.
Client: Psyop
Director: Joe Ball
Be A Better Patient
For an article about how to get the most out of your doctor's visit.
Client: The Wall Street Journal
Art Director: Manny Velez
Interview Re-Do
Illustration for an article about what to do when you fail an interview, but you know you can do better.
Client: Wall Street Journal
Art Director: Manny Velez
Lowes Family Characters
Character design for Lowes pitch
Client: Hornet Inc.
IBD Report Card
Cover Illustration for an article about Examining the Independent Broker/Dealer Client: REP Magazine Art Director: Sean Barrow
Unused illustration for Google pitch. Client: Mixtape Club
Client: Transistor Studios
Designer at Work
Style frame for a commercial pitch directed by Blacklist.
Animation, Illustration
Cover illustration for an article about the plasticity of living things versus long-form evolution as evidenced by a particular fish species Client: New Scientist Magazine Art Director: Kathryn Brazier
Concept design for pitch
Client: Buck
Origin: The Unknown
Character and environment design for Origin campaign
Client: Psyop
Independent Lenders
Cover illustration for a feature about the crackdown on independent lenders. Client: The Commercial Observer Art Director: Lauren Draper
Superheroes Invade the Living Room
For a piece about superheroes coming to the small screen after so much box office success on the large screen. Client: The Wall Street Journal Art Director: Manny Velez
Will Teach 4 Food
Cover illustration for an article about adjunct professors low salaries
Art Director: Kelly Gleuck
Client: Riverfront Times
When Art is Watching You
For an article in The Wall Street Journal about museums mining data from visitors. Client: The Wall Street Journal Art Director: Manny Velez
Digital Art, Drawing, Illustration
Doctors Shortage
Illustration for an article about the doctor shortage for The New York Times Business Section.
Mind Snatchers
For an article about a mind-controlling parasite carried by common house pets. Client: New Scientist Magazine Art Director: Ryan Wills
In Praise of Dirt
God of dirt illustration for an article about how riding a dirt bike can help improve safe motorcycle riding on the road. Art Director: Laura Milton Client: Cycle World Magazine
The Terrorist Bureacracy
for an article about the business of terrorism Art Director: Dan Zedek Client: The Boston Globe
Into The Night
For an article about the dangers that lurk beyond a biker's headlight. Client: Cycle World Magazine Art Director: Laura Milton
Character Design, Illustration
Road Awareness
Illustration for an article about road-awareness. The author mentions prairie dogs in the article as a model of alertness. Art Director: Christina Pendon
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti for The Who The What and The When, a book about the secret sidekicks of history. The illustration is based on Rossetti’s painting of Jane from 1868 "Jane Morris (The Blue Silk Dress)." Client: Chronicle Books & Also Design
Uber is Watching
For an article about Uber spying on customers. Client: Reveal News Art Director: Sam Ward
Illustration, Animation
McDonald's Characters
Character Explorations for McDonald's pitch
Client: Gentleman Scholar
Dorus Rijkers
Private commission based on Haerendel's painting of Dorus Rijkers.
Illustration, Painting
Fishing Observers
For an article about the dark side of the fishing industry and one fishing observer who vanished from his ship.
Client: Reveal News
Art Director: Sam Ward
Pk Pinkerton Novels
Book jacket illustrations for a Wild Western mystery trilogy about the adventures of a young detective, PK Pinkerton.
Client: Penguin Books
Art Directors: Jeanine Henderson & Irene Vandervoort
Frank Ocean
Portrait of musician Frank Ocean
Going Up?