For the 5 year anniversary of the launch of Brawl Stars, Supercell came to us to tell the origin story of the game. Brawl Stars is set in a defunct theme park, but how did it meet its demise, and why is everyone fighting?
We brought users back in time to 1995 to answer these questions through an interactive 24/7 “live” broadcast that played continuously for 42 days in an interactive security surveillance room.
Enlisting the help of Twisted Mountain Animation, we implemented the use of Unreal crowd simulations to execute the 24/7 broadcast, incorporating day-night cycles, weather patterns, evolving character behaviors, and increasing levels of destruction. And, on top of that, we animated 18 original scenes each told from multiple camera angles to tell the lore of how the Brawlers came to be sooo angry!
Each day the surveillance room changed with new props and interactive computer terminal and logbook. For web development we leveraged WILD to help build the interactive component. Antfood helped with sound design.
For this project I led: 
Design, some story development, modeling, cel animation, 3D animation, Unreal lookdev and rendering, crowd simulations, AE compositing, color correction, editing, creative tech, staffing, client relationship and presentations, vendor oversight through web development and 3D
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